Monthly archives: December, 2013

Finding the Best Electrician

Electricity can be a scary thing to work with, in fact, electrocution is in the top 5 causes of workplace deaths, but you can avoid that risk by hiring an electrician to assist with your repairs and renovations at home. You can ask an electrician to perform many electrical updates that contribute to your overall

Get Everyone on the Bus For a Prom Party

Whether it is prom, an upcoming anniversary, or a celebration, it can be the perfect time for a party bus rental. While you usually can get the small party bus companies to pick you up and drop you off at multiple locations, it might be a fun bonus if you rent a party bus for

Three Types of Insurance You Cannot Safely Live Without

Did you know that renter’s insurance will protect against damage that is caused from accidents or severe weather? Insurance is an important entity to have, as it provides financial compensation for unwanted accidents and other traumatic events. There are several types of insurance available, including car, homeowners, and life, and each one can help in

Electrocution Are Industrial Workers at Risk?

Did you know that, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, electrical currents killed 1,738 workers from 2003 to 2010? Damaged and frayed wiring, tangled cables, and overloaded circuits can result in electrical shorts, fire, or sometimes even worker injury or death. What simple tools promote occupational safety? Cable Glands and Threaded Standoffs Keeping wiring

Glide Up Stairs in Your Wheelchair

If you are unable to move around without the help of an assistive device like a wheelchair, you understand the importance of mobility for people with a handicap. You need to be able to get around your house, and in and out of buildings, cars, and stores just like everyone else. There are different products

The Often Forgotten, yet Important Factor of Online Marketing

The marketing industry has recently been moving away from traditional marketing strategies, and towards newer strategies involving online marketing methods. There are many reasons for this change, and most of it is due to traditional marketing efforts such as television, radio, and billboard advertisements simply not being as effective, or as measurable as the opposing